Four Quadrant Leadership Seminars

Participants in each of the following classes receive substantial manuals, supplementary notes and other information.

STAGE 1 FOR LEADERS – Three days

This class is attended by people who have leadership responsibilities and by those who will soon be promoted to a leadership role.


It is designed to help participants seek accurate scientific information about many processes that influence individuals, groups, organisations and leadership. Here are some topics that are :




STAGE 2 FOR LEADERS – Three days

This seminar is attended by graduates of the Stage 1 class, usually six or more months after they completed that seminar.


Some of the topics are:


Many groups of intelligent powerful people have made absurd decisions that ultimately produced calamities.  What are the influences that produce those catastrophes? How can we detect and avoid them?  We explore examples of that symptom in politics, religions, “common sense” beliefs, organisations and elsewhere.





  1. A more intensive examination of facts and actions that were summarised at the Stage 1 and Stage 2 classes.
  2. Participants summarise their problems and achievements since the previous seminars, and nominate topics that they now wish to explore.
  3. Identifying and resolving value conflicts.
  4. Methods for monitoring our responses to stress and assisting others to achieve the same preventative and remedial skills.
  5. The consequences we suffer in mind, body and behaviour when unable to manage stress successfully, with particular emphasis on bodily symptoms produced when stress is transformed into chronic distress.




For people with no leadership responsibilities who need to understand the basic processes in leadership, team work, cooperative relationships, personal growth, managing stress and other topics that are summarised more substantially in the Courses for Leaders, 1,2 and 3.




A program for people who wish to achieve the authority to lead Four Quadrant Leadership classes.  After gaining entry to the course, they receive extensive notes, CD’s and other material, studying privately or corresponding with Wilf Jarvis or with Minh Le. They decide when those students have achieved the necessary standards for presenting Four Quadrant Leadership seminars.


For information about Educators who are qualified to lead Four Quadrant Leadership seminars, how to establish those classes in your own organisation or other topics, please contact us.